To Kill a Kingdom: TikTok made me buy it! The dark and romantic YA fantasy for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J Maas

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To Kill a Kingdom: TikTok made me buy it! The dark and romantic YA fantasy for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J Maas

To Kill a Kingdom: TikTok made me buy it! The dark and romantic YA fantasy for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J Maas

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We see both of them run from the people they were forced to become because of the position they were born in, we see them resent the people they were raised to be and find them fighting their way out of the moulds society carved for them. With well-crafted fight scenes and vivid descriptions, Christo has created a world of beauty and monstrosity that will draw readers in."— Publishers Weekly To Kill a Kingdom is a 2018 Young Adult novel by Alexandra Christio which is a loose adaption of The Little Mermaid. So I gave this 2 stars at first, but then realized that I literally did not enjoy a single part of this book so here we are at 1 star😌 Another book that put me through torture :' )

The main trope would be enemies-to-lovers with it being the most advertised trope. What is Lira’s age in this novel? Alexandra Christo es una autora británica cuyos personajes siempre son más divertidos y mucho más mortíferos que ella. Estudió Escritura Creativa en la universidad y se graduó con el deseo de no dejar nunca de dejar volar su imaginación. Actualmente vive en Hertfordshire con un jardín de rápido crecimiento y una pila interminable de libros. Su primera novela To Kill a Kingdom es un éxito de ventas internacional y sus libros de fantasía para jóvenes adultos se han traducido a más de una docena de idiomas en todo el mundo. The chemistry between Lira and Elian slows when he realizes that Lira is more than what she appears with the skills she possesses. It isn’t until later in the novel that Elian finds out that Lira is in fact, his worst nightmare. She’s a siren. There is romance, but it isn’t comparable to the A Court of Thorn and Roses series, or the From Blood and Ash series. Love Redeems: Lira starts off as a vicious Serial Killer of princes and has a distaste of humanity. She starts to fall in love with the human Prince Elian and eventually helps him to overthrow her bloodthirsty mother and create peace between sirens and humans.I think it’s a good book. I really enjoyed it. If you like romance, fantasy, and The Little Mermaid, I definitely think you should read this book. It’s a darker twist of the classic fairytale, and instead of mermaids, they are sirens. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect by all means; in fact, I found the initial chapters that introduce us to the world of sirens, mermaids, and the Sea, as well as the world above water with its various kingdoms, a bit dull at times—and I was afraid I’d end up resenting this book. Elian doesn't just look at the stars, but he imagines them, too. He draws pictures of them in his mind, creating stories about gods and wars and the souls of explorers. He thinks about where his soul will go when he dies and if he will become part of the night.”

One scene in particular that I can’t really say (spoiler) just made me so happy 😍😁. I was smiling so hard. It was just an entertaining read!! So, I would absolutely consider this an enemies-to-lovers novel. What are some of the other tropes in this book? Common Sense is the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century.p. 105 Parakalo = Please (here in Greece we never beg with only parakalo, we say se or sas parakalo, but I will let it slide) p. 104 Aschimi ligo skyla. It is supposed to be translated to "filthy little bitch". If you're not Greek, you won't understand how funny this is. It's like saying "filthy a bit bitch" or something. The correct one is "aschimi mikri skyla". We don't really say that here, but it's the right translation. Humans enjoy flaunting their treasures for the world, but it only makes them targets for creatures like Kahlia and me, who can easily spot a royal ship. After all, it’s the only one in the fleet with the painted wood and tiger flag. The only vessel on which the Adékarosin prince ever sails.

Now let's go down to the actual book. Let's start with the writing. ✍️ I adored her writing, She pictured vivid images of the worlds, the dialogue was on point, the characters lovable. The world she created was very rich and beautiful. I loved the mythology, the creatures, the kingdoms. They were all fascinating to me. The politics not so much. But politics always bore me. And then there’s Prince Elian. Beautiful, handsome, swoon-worthy Prince Elian. He may seem light-hearted and devious on the outside, but he has a whole storm of thoughts and emotions brewing inside. (I’d also like to add as a side-note that Elian was everything I always imagined Prince Eric, my favorite prince of all time, to be outside of Disney’s shallow characterization of him.) Lira and Elian are awesome, funny, sarcastic, intelligent and badass. I love the dynamic that they have and the relationship development was fantastic.

On a mission to kill all Sirens, Crown Prince Elian is often found at sea. One day he finds a ✨strange✨ girl out in the middle of the sea just... floating there and alive. p. 308 Ilthia anoitos. It's supposed to say "stupid fool" but in Greek it's redundant to use both. So just only say "ilithia" or only "anoiti". To Kill a Kingdom is a fresh, exciting young adult novel with an adventurous premise, well-rounded characters and enough lust and betrayal to keep you roped in. Our heroine Lira, a royal siren, and daughter of the Sea Queen, is nothing like the sweet, innocent, gullible Arielle in the fairytale. She’s fierce, ruthless, and bloodthirsty.

She does something else bad which I don't remember, but as punishment, her mother decides to banish Lira from the Sea Kingdom and turn her into a human, giving her the task of stealing a prince's heart before the Winter Solstice. Failure means she will stay a human forever. *gasp* the horror. Not all royals are alike. Some are furnished in fine clothes, unbearably heavy jewels so large that they drown twice as fast. Others are sparsely dressed, with only one or two rings and bronze crowns painted gold. Not that it matters to me. A prince is a prince, after all. I LOVED THIS BOOK!! Is it weird that I am obssessed with the two main characters? They're fkn murderers! I don't think that's ever happened before. Some days, I feel nothing but positive emotions: happiness, pride, love, protectiveness, serenity... All the emotions that have been missing for many years of my life, when I struggled to keep up with my mother's demands and wishes. Most of all, nowadays I usually feel free.Lira is the heir to the Siren kingdom, she has been pressurised all her life to get rid of her humanity and has been oppressed to become the emotionless, vile creature her mother wants her to be. Elian is a prince, who hates the confines of his duties, and chooses to escape them by becoming a pirate and hunting sirens, with the people he trusts. She trails off. What she thought was that princes were mine and I didn’t share. That’s not untrue, but where there are princes, there are kings and queens, and I’ve never had much use for either of those. Rulers are easily deposed. It’s the princes who hold the allure. In their youth. In the allegiance of their people. In the promise of the leader they could one day become. They are the next generation of rulers, and by killing them, I kill the future. Just as my mother taught me. Kill All Humans: The Siren Queen's ultimate goal is to find an artifact from the siren's deceased goddess and use it to wipe out all of humanity in an act of genocide.

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