Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success

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Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success

Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success

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Mr. Devil: Because I control 98% of the world, and there’s nothing you can do! I am the majority, that’s why. Has it changed my life? Absolutely. Few books have had an impact on me like this has. I’ve developed a “definiteness of purpose” mindset thanks to this book.

It is unfortunate that Sharon Lechter felt it necessary to interject, repeat, and interpret throughout the book (rather school teacher-ish, I thought), since the material stands very well on its own. Fortunately, her interjections are very well marked, so it`s easy to skip over them. Hill took the advice to heart. Eventually, he would interview some 25,000 normal people and 500 extraordinary outliers. Think and Grow Richwas a huge success, making Hill a rather famous figure himself. In 1938, one year after the book came out, he immediately set out to create his next work. Sadly, his imaginary interview with the root of all evil, Outwitting The Devil, never saw the light of day. His wife thought it too controversial for its time, which is why it wasn’t published until 72 years later, in 2011. If you want a million dollars, solve a million-dollar problem. Our rewards in life are in exact proportion to our contributions or our service. Understand this, create, and offer your service with intention.Outwitting the Devil: the Secret to Freedom and Success, by Napoleon Hill and Sharon L. Lechter. New York: Sterling Publishing, 2011. ISBN 1-4027-8453-8 Controlling environmental influence. Who you hang out with matters. What your room looks like matters.

Life is of our own making. Fill it with good- learning, accumulate wisdom through learning from experience. Don't be a victim drifting through life. By applying what Hills teaches, we can transform the reality our children live on and in turn they will develop a strong mindset that will keep them away from the grip of fear and negative thinking.

In the following years, Napoleon managed to interview approximately 25,000 people (perceived as failures), and around 500 (successes).

Description Outwitting the Devil: The Complete Text, Reproduced from Napoleon Hill’s Original Manuscript, Including Never-Before Published Content If you don’t conform to this law, and If you disregard the notion of the “Other Self” you’ll be left in blindness. It’s impossible to galvanize a person into action, who espouses beliefs that are limiting human creativity. A drifter is the antithesis of a Stoic. Drifters let themselves be tossed around in life and allow externals to dominate their minds. They go nowhere because they’re not using their brains to think. However, this ‘other self’ is exactly what the devil tries to undermine at every turn of our lives. He does so by dividing mankind into drifters and non-drifters. Lesson 2: The devil seeks to make us permanent drifters, never getting around to what we’re meant to do in life. Hypnotic rhythm is something we all have we can change it. This makes me think of rhythm from "child whisperer" we all have energies, we should work with them, not try to change them,So, whatever your reality might be, that’s not the Truth, it’s only the “Devil” leading you astray. Say “No” to the Devil

The work is extremely controversial to the religious community and the public school system. The devil explaiins why the two supposedly diffferent systems actual work hand in hand to deliver 98% of all of us to the devil. Outwitting the Devil, by Napoleon Hill, does not read like a classic novel about good and evil, pain and pleasure, or success and failure. There is no archetypical hero to root for, nor villain to hate. Those needing a happy ending, where the good guy wearing the white hat rides to the rescue (the adult version of the fairy tale) may find this book disappointing. This is more of a "choose your own adventure" book. Therefore, the reader should be prepared to pony up a bit, in the intellectual honesty department. You may also opt to downgrade to Standard Digital, a robust journalistic offering that fulfils many user’s needs. Compare Standard and Premium Digital here.

Outwitting the Devil is not a long book, and if you never read anything in personal development (self-help, or whatever you may call it), this might be a good start. First off, let me say that I would love to give this book 5 stars, but I can't because of Sharon Lechter's constant interruptions throughout the book. The book was written by Napoleon Hill, but she felt the need to add her two cents by interjecting her commentary all throughout the book, making it distracting to read; you, if you're like me, will end up skipping all her commentary, which adds no value to the book whatsoever. In some cases, she simply repeats the last line or quotes the last line and adds, "So says the Devil." Fortunately, each of her commentary blurbs are sectioned off and bold, so they are easy to skip over. I believe she was instrumental in getting this book into print, for which I am grateful, but she should have ended her contribution there - well, that and the foreword. Bestselling author Napoleon Hill reveals the seven principles of good that allow us to triumph over obstacles…and find success. This is just one part of why I disliked this book. I saw a ton of other major concerns related to the way you should bring up children, among other things. Mr. Devil: In that regard, I am helpless, and it’s not up to me! It’s the minds of my prisoners which have to reject me, not vice versa.

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