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Find It Games Original Version - Green Ends

Find It Games Original Version - Green Ends

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Since 2003, Find It® games have been an evergreen product retailed in thousands of stores. With over 4,000,000 games sold, Find It® has been an addition to waiting rooms, offices, home schooling and small enough for travel. Find It® crosses over from Gift to Toy & Novelty and a great addition for any business. Find It® is played by consumers of all ages, 8-98. First we need to teach your dog a ‘Find it’ cue. This is easy. Just drop a treat on the floor near your dog so they can see it and say “Find it”. Repeat this 20 times. Do not point to the treat otherwise your dog will be looking for a visual cue instead of a verbal one. Search, seek and find out in awesome graphics, you will have hundreds of hidden objects to collect for more scavenger hunt fun. If you love playing find hidden objects games, Find It or Spot It games, and other scavenger hunt puzzles, this free brain teaser will be the BEST choice for you! Aside from this, hidden object games can help enhance cognitive abilities, improve concentration, and increase attention to detail. They’re also fantastic for kids and the aged alike to maintain and develop visual perception. The Find It® KIDS version contains primary-coloured pellets with 40+ hidden items. The end caps are a cheerful bright red.

Find it game: How to teach your dog in 8 easy steps Find it game: How to teach your dog in 8 easy steps

This version is perfect for the classroom, in the car, and easily transportable; no batteries or clean up required. BEST WAY TO LET YOUR THRILLS DISAPPEAR - Join an adventure for investigation of a fantasy world where you can walk in a park where always June, or scavenger hunt in the Village. After 10 successful searches you can add a little more difficulty. Still let your dog watch you as you hide three treats in harder places; on elevated surfaces, under things, and behind things. Continue to ask them to “Sniff” the scented kitchen towel before sending them to “Find it.” Encourage them to keep searching until all the treats are found. Repeat this exercise 10 times too. Assign a point value to each item (easiest to hardest with 3-5 different point values) and see how many items you can find in 60 seconds. The penny is the hardest to find so it could be 25 or even 50 points. Try 10 points for the top hat and 5 points for highly visible items. Keep score on paper to determine the winner! This is a popular family and party game. Story TimeFind It games include over 40 hidden unique finds, such as a wing nut, popcorn kernel, light bulb, bell, staple, and even the elusive penny. This diverse assortment of items builds the excitement of the game, keeping players engaged and eager to discover every single one in the sealed container. In "Story Time" participants take turns telling a story tied to each item found. Set a timer (or not) for the person to name the items and tell the story as they see them. At the end of the story, whomever remembers the most about someone’s story wins. Story Time is also a great way to use the Find It® game to create fun conversations and to get to know others. Find the Letter The best FREE and most addictive hidden object game for you in 2023! Find all hidden objects in challenging levels and relax your mind in this scavenger hunt casual game. Play it and FIND OUT now! Now move around the room and let your dog watch as you hide one treat at a time in an ‘easy’ place. Places such as behind the leg of the sofa, on the edge of the coffee table, under a cushion etc., on a low bookshelf. Remember not to put it on any furniture or places you don’t want you dog to sniff and hunt about later! So if you have a ‘no dogs on the sofa rule’, don’t hide treats on the sofa. Remember to return to their side each time after hiding a treat and give the release cue “Find it”. Learning the “Sniff” cue Let's join the challenge seek and collect objects! How many maps you can get through? Can you be able to get out of that mystery place?

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Find It®“ Original Version ” has natural colored pellets with 40+ hidden items. The plastic ends are coordinated forest green color. The items are smaller and are geared to teens and older. A beautiful game to leave out on the coffee table, office or waiting room. The items to find are things such as a wing nut, popcorn kernel, light bulb, bell, staple, and the elusive penny. Sure, our collection of free hidden object games is fun to play, but they are also great for supporting your memory and overall sharpness. In fact, numerous studies have shown that many casual puzzle games, including hidden object games, have powerful cognitive benefits that help with strategic thinking, memory and even quantitative skills. Having fun keeping your mind sharp? We consider that a win win!

The challenge that hidden object games pose can also help develop confidence, problem-solving skills, and grit. Hidden Object Games Fun Facts The Find It® ORIGINAL version contains natural-coloured pellets with 40+ hidden objects secured by forest green caps.

Find it! - Hidden object game - Apps on Google Play Find it! - Hidden object game - Apps on Google Play

The objects are much smaller increasing the challenge. It is suggested for teens and older players.When the other person is hidden, the person with the dog will say ‘find’ and then say the person’s name ie ‘find Emily!’ This game is a lot of fun. my favorite hidden object game. The game play is smooth, the graphics are clear and crisp. And the ads are few and not over powering to where you don't enjoy playing. I look forward to playing it every day!” - Dawn Harrell

Find It: Hidden Object - Apps on Google Play Find It: Hidden Object - Apps on Google Play

If you’d like to challenge your dog further, you can make the ‘find it!’ game more advanced by telling your dog to stay while you hide the treat/s behind pieces of furniture. You can also place your dog in a room, hide all of the treats in a different room and then open the door for your dog and say ‘find it!’. How to play with people Just in the way that you can use the ‘find it!’ game to ask your dog to find treats and toys; you can also ask them to find people. To begin, you ideally need two people to play the game.Playing with your dog a few times through the day can stop them from making up their own games, keeping their minds focused from other possible destructive habits. Interactive games Find it! When your dog finds the piece of food, say a clear ‘yes!’ so they know they’ve followed through on the action that you wanted from them

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