Miss Violet's School For Littles: An ABDL Diaper Spanking Story

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Miss Violet's School For Littles: An ABDL Diaper Spanking Story

Miss Violet's School For Littles: An ABDL Diaper Spanking Story

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Then, before either of them could act a familiar voice called out from the door behind them, "€œWhat is the meaning of this?! Elizabeth, just what are you doing dressed like that and what are you trying to do to Rachel?"€ Uniform?! What are you going on about, Samantha?"€, Elizabeth asked. She looked around the room from any kind of support from her students, but only found a room full of teenagers eager to see what Mrs. Maxwell might do to Elizabeth. Elizabeth felt her face burn red with embarrassment as she slipped out of the expensive panties she had only bought a week ago and exchanged them for a cheap pair of pink cotton panties. Once she had done the same with her bra, Elizabeth was forced to hand them off to Mrs. Maxwell. It felt as if she was giving the teacher the last bit of her adulthood. You mean this,"€ Mrs. Maxwell asked and held aloft the license in question. It was labeled clearly as a learner"€™s permit. The age printed on the card as sixteen. Dominic interviews Baby Jessica on this episode of the DK Project. Baby Jessica talks about the pressures and lifestyle of living as an ABDL transgender woman as well as being a diaper girl. Jessica is doing a video shoot with Dominic so they also talk spankings, diapers, punishments and messy diaper time! Make sure to watch this episode and leave your comments below!

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I’m not out of the woods yet. But he appreciated it. And I have a new appreciation for what this means. It’s more than a lifestyle. It’s a sacred covenant like our wedding vows. I have never believed marriage was a marriage if a woman couldn’t say obey and mean it. To be able to do so is beautiful. I forgot that for a minute. It won’t happen again. Sarah talks with Daddy Dominic about her dynamic with her own Daddy Dom, Smokey Rose! DK asks her how it feels to be spanked as a grown woman, what it's like to have a bedtime, and all the details about having to use her diapers instead of the potty--making poop in her pampers!The embarrassment Elizabeth felt being spanked in front of a room of teenagers was nothing like she had ever felt before. Almost immediately, her eyes began to grow wet and her lips trembled. Rachel? Do we need to have another talk about your behavior like yesterday?"€, Elizabeth asked, doing her best to keep her voice stern. Elizabeth closed her book in a huff and crossed the room to Rachel"€™s desk. To her surprise, Rachel stood before she could reach her and made to grab her bag as if she planned to leave. I was taken over her knee and spanked 10 swats by hand, 20 swats by a hairbrush, 10 swats by a crop, then finally 10 swats by her hand again. I came to her to borrow money. I was lectured, spanked, teased, and made to beg, then she did loan me the money I asked for.

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Elizabeth was allowed a brief moment to grab her bag before she was dragged out of the classroom and down the hall. It took her some time to dry her tears and work up the courage to talk to Samantha after what had just happened. "€œW-what"€™s going on? Y-you don"€™t actually think I"€™m a student...right? I-I don"€™t really have to call you Mrs. Maxwell, do I?"€ Samantha "€˜tsked"€™ and grabbed Elizabeth"€™s wrist. Elizabeth struggled against her, but found the older woman far stronger than she would have anticipated. "€œYour school uniform, Elizabeth. The one I"€™m going to put you in after I punish you for this ridiculous behavior. Despite Samantha"€™s words to the students, Elizabeth"€™s day continued on in a downward trend. While she managed to keep herself from tripping or further exposing herself, Elizabeth"€™s class paid her little attention or respect. She wasn"€™t surprised to find that Rachel was the worst of them and no amount of reprimanding or threatening could sway the girl. By the end of the day, almost every single student and member of the faculty was aware of just how bad Elizabeth"€™s class had become. In an effort to reestablish her control over the classroom and garner respect from her peers, Elizabeth decided to do something she had hoped she would never have to: she was going to make an example of one of her students.

Elizabeth stood and did her best to sound composed, "€œThank you Samantha for your...help."€ She then turned to the whiteboard and continued, "€œAs Mrs. Maxwell informed you all, my name is m--"€ Without another word, Elizabeth grabbed Rachel by the wrist and pulled her over to her desk with little resistance. Confident that she would teach Rachel a lesson once and for all, Elizabeth moved to bend her over the desk. Mrs. Maxwell sighed and pulled the top the rest of the way down. Elizabeth let out a sigh of relief as the top appeared to stretch somewhat around her chest. She knew that the outfit was too small, but somehow it managed to fit her. Mrs. Maxwell then held the skirt stretched out before her. Too embarrassed to protest, Elizabeth stepped into the skirt and let the teacher pull it up for her. She waited patiently as Mrs. Maxwell adjusted the outfit, more than glad to just get this all over with.

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Rachel...oh no...you"€™ve got to be kidding me"€¦, Elizabeth thought as she felt her entire body tense up. Video editing: The next step is to put the rendered animations together in a video programm. I already started with that with the finished pieces. But again I cannot proceed without the voices. Adding sound: I also started with that but without the voices also this cannot be continued. E.g. for the sounds: Foot steps, doors opening and closing, phone call,.. If her sense of fashion wasn"€™t enough to grab attention and leave the women around her jealous, then her natural beauty was. Elizabeth had pale smooth skin and wavy auburn hair that she kept pulled into a high bun. Her cute facial features and hazel eyes were framed perfectly by a pair of dark rimmed glasses that Elizabeth hoped gave her a more refined, intelligent look.Finishing: I need to create a tiltle and an end for the animation. Those who helped me and want to be mentioned in the credits will be found there.

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Mrs. Maxwell rolled her eyes, reached over, and yanked Elizabeth"€™s pencil skirt down. Elizabeth yelped as she was exposed and tried to cover herself only to Mrs. Maxwell slap her hands away. "€œI"€™ve had just about enough of this attitude. You are NOT a teacher, Elizabeth. You are a student and you should start acting like one."€ Doesn"€™t feel good, does it? I don"€™t have to keep going, but you need to apologize to Rachel and admit to everyone here that you"€™re not a teacher."€, Samantha said. Rachel laughed aloud as she examined the doll. "€œYou were right mom, I should be excited for my birthday"€¦"€ Elizabeth swallowed audibly as she mustered the courage to say what Samantha, now Mrs. Maxwell to her, wanted her to, "€œN-no Mrs. Maxwell"€¦"€ I"€™m sorry, Ms. Turner...I"€™ll behave myself"€¦"€, Rachel finally said through clinched teeth. Satisfied, Elizabeth let her stand and continued on with her class. Much as she expected, things went a lot smoother for her from then on out; aside from the occasional death-glare from Rachel.I"€™d show her what it feels like to get spanked in front of the class. To be treated like a baby when she knows she"€™s an adult!, Rachel thought. She then snapped her fingers, as the doll"€™s clothing changed into a tiny dress and diapers. A large pacifier was stuffed in the doll"€™s mouth and it"€™s face was red with embarrassment. This is all I need...she"€™s going to make my life a living hell isn"€™t she"€¦ Elizabeth wondered. Rachel rolled her eyes. "€œWhy are dressed like you just fell out of a costume shop mom, you look ridiculous. Besides, my day is going to be a nightmare "€˜cause my teacher decided to spank me in front of the whole class yesterday. Whatever weird birthday stuff you have planned isn"€™t going to make up for that."€

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