Girl, Goddess, Queen: A Hades and Persephone fantasy romance from a growing TikTok superstar

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Girl, Goddess, Queen: A Hades and Persephone fantasy romance from a growing TikTok superstar

Girl, Goddess, Queen: A Hades and Persephone fantasy romance from a growing TikTok superstar

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A place she can hide away for a while until she comes up with a better plan to evade her father’s rage and her mother’s suffocating love. And for this one, its a retelling with a bit of a mix where Persephone is the one who is smart and cunning whilst Hades is the soft one in this relationship. Hades likes Persephone for exactly who she is: brave, unrefined, shrewd and, above all else, compassionate. Indeed at times he just seems weak while Kore holds all the power and agency, which isn’t really a partnership.

Hades and Persephone just felt too different from what we associate them with, and the main focus of the story revolved around marriage for some ungodly reason. Persephone and Hades felt too much like friends in this story so when a romance does finally develop, it felt weird like they shouldn't be doing this. Fun fact but there is nothing in the earliest records to suggest that Persephone - who had another name which was secret because she was so feared and respected as goddess of death and destruction - was ever Demeter's daughter.

I am on the edge with anticipation for the second book as this ending was somewhat of a cliffhanger. This fierce and funny feminist take on a classic story weaves seamlessly from rage to romance and is an absolute joy! I literally find it impossible to choose just one quote to share, so [insert 100 favourite and memorable quotes] here. I didn't have the heart to hate it as I had loved some aspects of the story, but I also can't say that I fully loved it either. I haven't seen a single other author in recent years take on the river gods of the ancient world and spin them into their own characters.

She barges in to Hell, forces Hades to give her food and shelter and is surprised that Hades is not so fond of this, and somehow he is the d*ck for not being excited about helping her. The writing style is easy to follow and despite the very modern style of talking (I just assumed this was an AU), I enjoyed this aspect reminiscent of fanfiction which can go either way with readers. Persephone has way too much 'candy' in narrative terms and the plot does not offer her enough hardship to compensate.I most definitely recommend this book if you are looking for a unique original spin on the story of Hades and Persephone. From there the story shows her development in all ways to believing in herself and demanding what she wants when she wants it. The main character- Core is growing in a book, learning who she is and not what she was forced / teached to be. The snappy and witty banter, however, was a lot of fun and made it an easy read, regardless of the book’s length.

Far from the unsympathetic, forbidding kidnapper he’s traditionally been portrayed to be, Hades is a loveable, endearing and creative soul, who eschews the typical bloodthirsty, narcissistic masculine traits of the gods. So in a bid to trick the other gods, Persephone and Hades form a mutually beneficial alliance that will ensure her future safety, whilst maintaining Hades’ notorious reputation. It's equal parts rom-com and fantasy while effortlessly weaving in Greek mythology elements and characters. Overall, a vibrant, fun and thoroughly refreshing Hades and Persephone retelling that YA loving, Romantasy fans should definitely be adding to their TBRs (and Suitcases) this summer!Since I don't want to sound too ranty, I would divide my thoughts into two parts to make it not as long. You don't have to use every part of a myth but there was a reason for it to be presented that way in the first place; find out why before you say 'yuck' and yeet it into the sun. But as much as this is a story of a girl downtrodden by her father and smothered by her mother, and how she rises above the confines they put upon her, it’s also a tale of, as Fitzgerald says, “unpacking the ways patriarchy hurts boys” too.

She makes the choice to go to the Underworld to avoid having to get married, and she boldly decides to redecorate and make herself at home, which was inspiring and hilarious in equal measures. It's a fun retelling of Hades and Persephone, and the author tries to put a fresh new spin on the myth. The other thing I loved the most about this brilliant book, was that we got to see an author execute a perfect enemies to barely tolerate each other to friends to fake relationship to lovers character development and I was LIVING FOR IT. Or even better, how is he supposed to know when all she does is lie to everyone and be proud of it, but the first instance she doesn't get told something, she is outraged and threatens to burn the world down.We’ve been treated to many Greek mythology retellings over the past few years, spanning immersive literary novels that capture the eternally classic feel of these tales, to transportive YA fantasy that put an entirely new spin on the stories of old.

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